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El Dannieh: Identification and Location.

El Dannieh was gifted from God with a unique beauty, fascinating green nature, refreshing weather, mountains steadily crowned with snow, fresh water, delicious and extraordinary tasty fruits, as well as hospitable people wellknown for their routage.

El Dannieh is located in the East side of Tripoli, 12 Km far from Lebanon's second capital Tripoli. At its entry, Kafarhabu town welcomes you with more than 40 towns and villages included. It is surrounded by the districts of Baalbeck and Hermel from the east, the city of Tripoli from the west, the districts of Zghorta and Besharre from the south, and the district of Aakkar from the north.

Characteristics of El Dannieh:

Though El Dannieh might seem monotonous for strangers, it is full of the secrets of gracefulness, and is mainly charecterized by its divine shaping. Rare are people who know the secrets of this spot, green during summer time and white at winter, for El Dannieh embraces: the Qornet Es-Sawda- the higest peak in the Middle East (3088m), the most falling valley- the valley of Jouhannam (hell) separating El Dannieh and Aakkar districts - the rough side of it is sociable and larger than any other region, while the inhabited part is covered with green forests of fruitful trees of all kinds and tastes-, springs overflowing everywhere (212 springs), and villages hidden in the heart of the mountains. El Dannieh population is distinguished by its instinct, chivarly, energy, courage, education, knowledge and work seeking, trust, respect and loyalty towards its social traditions. Residents are a mixture of Muslims and Christians practicing the extreme conditions of brotherhood, coexistence and freedom of thought.

Natural Wealth:

El Dannieh is rich with its natural wealth including wooded, aquatic and farming wealth, in addition to mountains, valleys and caverns, as we can find forests of different fruitful trees, since El Dannieh depends economically on agriculture, as fertile land cover 50% of its global area. Besides, it also gathers forests of cedars and Al lezab, where the biggest forest of cedars in Lebanon is located in the high mountains of Mrebeen in addition to others in El Zwareeb, moutain of El Ejass, Sfeereh, Btormaz, Deb'el, Emar and elsewhere.

El Dannieh also was gifted with a reservoir of water that is calming down on a great lake with 212 springs; the most famous of its springs are: Al Sukkar spring, Al Kussam spring, Sir's spring, the spring of Al Zahlanetc. All these springs are united to shape with the river of Moussa, the lake of Ouyun El Samak known for its beautiful view and location.

Archeological Sites:

  1. El Sfeereh Fortress: Dates back to the Roman era, and constitutes one of the major human impressions left in the region. El Sfeereh's name was inspired from the name of a Roman leader, Speeros - who submitted people and stone to his power- in order to build this fortress for his residence. It is a simplified sample of the arts and decorations of the Roman culture, and is surrounded by a huge fence with stairs inside the towers. The castle is located at 1100m above the sea level and is an equivalent to a range of temples and a station for caravans heading from the coast towards the Bekaa and the other way round.
  2. Bakh'oun Citadel or Fakhr El Deen Tower: Relative to its builder in the year 1318, in addition to the old town or village, and the building of the Head Administration Office of El Dannieh's region in the late days of the Ottoman Empire's rule.
  3. Sir El Dannieh: Comprises many historical houses in addition to the old mill and Al Zahlan's cave.
  4. Ketran: Close to the village of Aassoun, it is thought that its sunctuary (the sanctuary of the Prophet Jacob) is a holy man's tomb.
  5. Daraya: A cross road between the village of Aassoun and the area of Al Mazareh where old ruins and stone's sacrophaguses are found.
  6. Kfarhabou: A bridge of arcades and a church related to the crusades era.
  7. Bshennata: Includes guideposts of relics such as the Castle of the Aaesha from Bshennata.
  8. Nemreen: Includes guideposts of relics related to the Roman era like cemetries, sacrophaguses, islamic mihrab, the forest of gold, and a painting sulptured on a huge rock.
  9. Btormaz: An old convent and the Citadel of Hakmoun with marble graveyards.
  10. Deb'el: An old historical convent known as the convent of Saint Maroukh with many artesian wells.
  11. Emar: Known as the village of sacrophaguses in addition to an old artesian well.
  12. El Kamameen: Ruins of the Citadel of Salassel ( unknown history).

Touristic Locations:
  • Forest of Al Zahlan: Hidden by nature, and bypassed by people in spite of its good location, beautiful view, and the splendor of its creation. It is a magic masterpiece which all landmarks are still undiscovered.
  • Lake of Ouyoun El Samak: This dam founded in 1952 is the first established in El Dannyeh, of 500m of length, 150 to 175m of width, and 10m of depth at its end. It granted the region a shade of beauty and encouraged the pisciculture.
  • Dam of Breessa: One of the most important touristic and developmental projects that is planned to be established. Located at 2000m above the sea level, it is expected to attract thousands of tourists seeking its fresh water and air.
  • Qornet Es-Sawda: At 3088m above the sea level, it is the highest peak in the Middle East, and is the best destination for the amateurs of both mountaineering in the summer and skiing in the winter.
  • Mountain of El Kalaa: Is located at 1000m above the spring of El Sukkar between the villages of Bkarsouna and Nemreen. It is a shelter for wildpigeons, and overlooks the Lebanese and Syrian coastals.
  • Telepherage of Sir El Dannieh: One of the expected projects to be implemented in the near future and most of El Dannieh people are dreaming of. It will be beneficial to the region, revive the economy and create many job opportunities. It departs from Sir to the mountain of Al Arba'een.

Summer Vacationing Places:

  1. Sir El Dannieh: The center of the district, at 950m above the sea level, 115 km far from the Capital Beirut, and 27 km from Tripoli. Sir El Dannieh is crowded with hotels, restaurants, and coffehouses.
  2. Bekaasefreen: A summer vacationing place for most of Tripoli's families. It is characterized by the beauty of its location that dominates El Dannieh region and the sea, offering a wide range of fascinating views.
  3. Bakh'oun: 700m above the sea level, 20 km far from Tripoli, and is considered as one of the biggest and populous villages in El Dannyeh. It is distinguished by its geographical location and the agriculture of all kinds of fruits.
  4. Aassoun: 1000m above the sea level, and is distinguished by its pleasant and healthy climate.

Touristic Services:
  • Palace (El Jazar) Hotel, Sir El Kabeer (Sir Grand) Hotel, Kasr El Oumara Hotel, Peace Hotel, Fatfat's Hotel, Loubnan's Hotel, Shallalat Aassoun Hotel, Jannet Loubnan Hotel.
  • Restaurants: Al Faysal Restaurant, Abou Nawass Restaurant, Faysal Raad's Restaurant, Fayez Khodr Agha's Restaurant, Matal Nabeh Sir, Al Zaarour, Al Sounawbara, Al Tabbal, Al Nour, Rannoushetc.

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