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Dr. Ahmad Fatfat - Parliament Member - Independence 05 - Lebanon


March 17-23. 2009
Travelling to Australia to represent The President of Future Movement: Deputy Saad Hariri in attending the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri

May 16-21, 2008
Attendance at the conference of National Dialog in Doha.

Attendance at the conferences of Arab and Franconfone Ministers of Youth and Sports held mainly in: Gana, Dakar, Egypt, Mauritania, France and Switzerland.

July 13-15, 2007
Attendance at the conference of Lebanese Dialog held in Saint Cloud

June 17-22, 2006
Travel to Washington, to follow up the issue of security assistance to Lebanon

March 10-11, 2005
the delegation of Opposition MP's left Brussels to Paris in the purpose of discussing the Lebanese issues and presenting its demands. The Map's met with French Foreign Minister and other French Map's, held meeting with the Committee of Foreign Affairs in the French Senate and Parliament and resumed its trip by a fruitful and important meeting with the exiled former Army Commander General Michel Amount.

March 8-9,2005
Dr. A. Fatfat joined in Brussels the delegation of opposition MP's headed By Mr. Waleed Jumblatt where all MP's met with European Union Top Foreign Policy Representative Javier Solana and French and English Representatives in EU, the delegation seek international support for demand of a complete Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon as well as for free elections under the supervision of International Observers and finally the Opposition MP's disapproved to discuss "Hizbullah" case as listed in the 1559 UN resolution , it should be discussed internally in Lebanon.

March 7-8, 2005
Traveling to Brussels among deputations Upon the invitation of the "Internationale Democrates Chretiens" party to attend a Colloquial about Human Rights, the delegation discussed the Lebanese human rights, raised the demands of Lebanese Opposition mainly the immediate & complete withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon upon Taef Agreement and the need of help hold free elections under International supervision. The delegation met with: Belgian Minister of Cooperation, President of Belgian Senate, The Vice President of the Parliament of Brussels, Head of Middle East & Lebanon offices in European Unions, President of Belgian - Lebanese Friendship Committee and other Political and Cultural clubs in Brussels in addition to the Lebanese Community in Belgium.

December, 2003
  • Visiting among deputations the French Senate and General Assembly to explain the Lebanese Official and national opposition to the settlement of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
  • Attendance at the Agricultural Fair in Toulouse and Medi- Pyrennées.

October, 2003
Attendance at the conference on the School Medicine held by the World health Organization in Tunisia.

September, 2001
Attendance at the Conference for International Parliaments in Burkina Faso.

April, 1999
Travel to Australia, with a visit to the Lebanese Community, particularly immigrants from Menyeh- El Dannieh department, and consultations with Australian Officials on a common vision concerning future cooperation between the two countries.

March, 1999
Attendance at the Medical Conference on Digestive Diseases in Prague.

March, 1998
Pilgrimage upon Royal Invitation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

March, 1997
Visiting the Lebanese Community in Australia.

December, 1996
Attendance at the Parliamentary Francophone Conference on Cairo.

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