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Dr. Ahmad Fatfat - Parliament Member - Independence 05 - Lebanon


1996 - 2018:

After long years of neglect, since 1996 plans have been drawn up, approval has been given, financing obtained and mostly execution achieved, for projects that will revitalize the Menyeh-El Dannieh district in the framework of the balanced development program. Principally, work has been done on the following:
  • The drawing up of the global plans for a road network joining all El Dannieh villages: the most important public projects completed and/or under implementation are as follows:
    1. Completion of Tripoli-Sir road in June 200
    2. Completion of the first part of Sir-El Hermel-Jbab El Homor road.
    3. Tarane-Hakleet road, stage of process started on May 2009.
    4. Completion of Bkarsouna- Al Sukkar Spring road - is pending the last part of Sir- Jbab El Homor road
    5. Jayroun - Al Kamameem road
    6. Mrebeen Mountain road, under execution and sponsored by Deputy. Mr. Saad Hariri
    7. Planning and farming out of the dam of Breessa
    8. Al Ijass Mountain road with lagoon of 80000 cubic meter of water sponsored by Deputy Mr. Saad Hariri
    9. The bridge of Al kateen - Al Hazmiah, the project has been recently subcontracted by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • Completing the management and equipment of Sir Government Hospital (44 beds), financed by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development sponsored By the Kuwait Government. The opening of the hospital was held on October 2002., Renovation fulfillment in donations from State of Kuwait and the Emirates State and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the preparation happens presently for the building restoration
  • Completion of the building and furnishing process of the District of Menyeh - El Dannieh at Sir. while the Building of the District in Dayr Aamar was already completed in March 2009.
  • Establishing the first records office for the separated plantations region that is distant geographically.
  • The schools buildings of a new high school in Sir, Kafarhabou, in addition to Technical high school in Bakh'oun,with an amount of 500,000 Us Dollars donated by Deputy Mr. Saad Hariri to the completion of its equipments.
  • A financing insurance for a school building covered in Al Kamameem and The Johannam Valley
  • Building a new school in Deb'el
  • Restoring many schools
  • The sports facilities: It was launched in the Sports Complex of RAFIC HARIRI, sponsored by Deputy, Mr., Saad Hariri
  • The revival of the Sir Annual Tourist Festival as a feature of Lebanese Tourist Festivals after participating in the establishment of an NGO: El-Dannieh Tourism Association and helping them to launch a Brochure on El Dannieh in three languages: Arabic, French and English in cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.
  • Approval for the Master Plan for regrouping the schools of the Sir area.
  • Implementation of projects for water supply and sewage in the villages of the Ministry of Hydraulic and Electric Resources and the World Bank.
  • Obtaining approval for increasing the budget of Rachid Karamé International Fair at Tripoli following a three years plan.
  • Communication of the needs and opinions of the populace to officials and mass media, and success in restoring the Menyeh-El Dannieh department to the political and parliamentary map of Lebanon and maintaining it there.
  • Execution of the project for providing electric power transmission and a distribution network for all El Dannieh villages.
  • Installation of a telecommunication network linking all El Dannieh departments, which is under implementation.
  • Working on establishing agricultural cooperative and development associations in El Dannieh region that held activities and workshops on agricultural advising and the use of high technology with cooperation of the Agricultural Faculty in American University of Beirut.
  • Supporting the creation of an effective department for emigrants in the ministry of Foreign affairs and submission to the Parliament of a proposal allowing the candidacy, representation and voting of the Lebanese emigrants.
  • Proving that the balanced development project has already been a concrete fact and not a simple slogan used for elections purposes only, even though the region still need a lot of projects to be achieved, an important part of development projects has been realized .
  • Make known the tragedy of around 240 Lebanese homeless and uneducated families living in the camps of Palestinians refugees in North Lebanon and following up their case.
  • Participating, attending and giving lecture in the Conference of the Health- Tourism in Lebanon.

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