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Dr. Ahmad Fatfat - Parliament Member - Independence 05 - Lebanon


  • Lebanon First
  • Lebanon civil peace
  • Lebanon democracy
  • Lebanon's freedom of opinion and freedom of the press and freedom of belief, no for totalitarianism and repression
  • Only Lebanese Army, no for militias
  • Lebanon to support the resistance in the face of Israeli occupation and the rejection of force to the inside.
  • Lebanon State, no for petty states.
  • Lebanon the dream of the Arabs to the opened world, no for nightmare of oppression, murder and destruction of Lebanon Arab pluralistic civilization
  • 2009 Parliamentary elections : Crossing over to the State
  • Voting in June 2009, is to reconfirm the victory of our project of Unified State, of the strong Lebanese army, of Independent Lebanon against the project of one- party State and totalitarian logic
  • Must respect and implement what agreed earlier in the Conference on National Dialog, as of the International Court, the border with Syria, the Palestinian disarmament outside the camps and the Organization is in the camps, together with international resolutions specifically resolution 1701
  • Four decades were passed and continuous political assassinations has progressed in Lebanon, Presidents, Heads of Governments, Ministers, Deputies, judges, innocent victims were assassinated , without knowing offenders, therefore we want the International Tribunal to protect the democratic political life.
  • The tripartite equation means the acceptance of cancellation of the basic role of the e Lebanese Christians, while this is the real mission of Lebanon starting from its cultural presence as well a the link realized by the Christians with the west since decades. Such equation means the cancellation of Taef accord and Constitution
  • The victory in 2006 July war was based on three pillars: 1- The resistance, 2- The united Lebanese people who protected and supported the displaced persons, and 3- the Government that was described by Speaker Nabih Berri as the Government of o independence, Government of political and diplomatic resistance, however, when a group stole the victory and endorse it towards domestic interests to overthrow the system in the country, we started to loose war.
  • It is intended to assassinate the State and has been clear since impeding the Parliament, suspension of economy, reporting presidential elections, initiating disrupt attacks against military and religious institutions.
  • Called merely to the cancellation of Article 49 of the Constitution, so as not to remain vulnerable to encroachment by the Constitution and the amendment
  • Officially submit project for the deployment of security cameras as Acting Minister of Interior and Municipalities, his proposal was rejected by some opposition ministers.
  • Our response to the May 7, 2008 will be in June 7, 2009. Leadership has taken a bold decision not to sedition, "yes" to the natural and political life of Lebanon State, Yes, this is our motto.
  • The one who accuse others of betrayal without proof, is working for the interest of the Israeli enemy and is considered as a traitor
  • Settlement of Palestinians refugees is rejected by all Lebanese; it is rejected by the Sunni more than the others, because it leads to a very large imbalance in the Sunni political game. Being a Sunni Lebanese, I am not ready to abandon my decision making to the Sunni Palestinian.
  • We are the foundations of the resistance and we supported it when it fought the enemy, we will support the arms if it is against outside , but we will stand in if used at home against Lebanese army and/or citizens, no one can compete with us in the national or in the Arabism and Islam or Christianity.
  • In democratic life: it does not work when a party is armed and one unarmed
  • Took the issue of deployment of security cameras officially as Acting Minister of the Interior, his proposed project to the council of Ministers was met by the refusal of some opposition ministers.
  • If it was to be achieved diplomatic relations with Syria since years because they recognize the sovereignty and independence of Lebanon
  • Lebanon is expected of us to be up to the responsibility at the level of His Excellency the President of the Republic, who is defending Lebanon.
  • His Excellency the President Michel Suleiman has total power because he has the confidence of all the Lebanese population. He is playing the total role of President in a perfect way.
  • To support the statement of the President's inaugural speech
  • To support Charter for Political conduct
  • In 1996, submitted a proposal for an electoral law and considered that the Law of Election should be democratic and equitable in order to allow all political groups to be represented in the Parliament. There must be progress towards one electoral district for all Lebanon based on proportional representation for the improvement of political performance in Lebanon
  • The state of Lebanon should be the State of Institutions, shaped by tolerance, political reforms, transformation and development.
  • The implementation of El Taef Accord is urgently needed.
  • Tolerance can best be achieved through negotiations and dialogue.
  • The Member of Parliament should take as his starting point the people political consciousness and legitimate aspirations.
  • The Member of Parliament should bear in mind that representing the people is a mission and delegation, with the duty to look after national and local interests and concerns.
  • The people are the ultimate referee and judge.
  • Government involves study, sound administration and decision-making.
  • Vision and aspirations always shape the goals to be achieved.
  • Political Parties are essential for building the State of Institutions.
  • There must be collective dealing to make political decisions, laying aside personal and partisan interests.
  • The popular base particularly the Lebanese youth must be encouraged to participate in the process of decision making and not to retreat on the pretext of frustration.
  • The Constitutions in all nations should be respected, therefore, among 29 Deputies, Dr. A. Fatfat. MP revolted for democracy and opposed the prolongation for the President of Republic in September 2004.
  • The Prolongation for the Lebanese President might be expensive because of fear of paying a high price internally and externally.
  • There must be a balanced development plan in order to improve the economic and social standards of living, with particular stress on education, health and agriculture.
    1. A general policy for health in Lebanon must be implemented.
    2. Priority of education in the political project. Government schools should be upgraded and attendance made obligatory for all children.
    3. The agricultural sector in El Dannieh region of prior importance to tourism, must be improved by providing technical assistance, in the form of training, advising and marketing.
  • The culture of resistance, freedom and democracy should be popularized.
  • Aiming to the fulfillment of political stability in Lebanon and Peace in the Middle East.
  • Refusal to revote for the Criminal Procedure Law in 2001.
  • Boycott the consultation of nomination of a prime Minister after the prolongation of President Emile Lahoud and as an attitude towards Former Minister Marwan Hamades attempt of murder.
  • In the Lebanese Opposition third meeting (Bristol III), on February 2, 2005, Dr.A. Fatfat,MP insisted to abide by Taef Accord , he got approval of all members.
  • Condemned what happened in August 7, 2001 and refused to Close MTV, he considered that exposure to any media. sets a precedent threatening the civilized face of Lebanon that is calling for freedom of speech and belief

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